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backseat_love's Journal

5 November
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"the powerlines", 1111, 2liters windows down, adderall, alexisonfire, ani difranco, armor for sleep, bane, birthday hats& cell phones, blood has been shed, bright eyes, cadbury creme eggs, cigarettes and ice cream, conan at 1230phonecalls, cursive, dancing in thekitchen only, daughters, dave matthews, diet coke, diners with neon, disposable cameras& blueeyes, drive-byswith candycorn messages, everytime i die, fallingoutofloveatthisvolume, from autumn to ashes, got peace?, grape soda, gray car pushing 90, hanson, hollister, hopesfall, horse the band, johnny depp, laying in the driveway, le tigre, leavingmovies withtenminutes, lightning, lipglosskisses on paper, liquor eyeliner& glitteryeyeshadow, modest mouse, movie and movie days, musicwithfashion, norma jean, operation ivy, orchid, photobooths, pretty girls makes graves, radiohead, ramones, rdc crew, requiem for a dream, saetia, sarcasm & photography, seinfeld, shai hulud, simpsons, social d, speed&mewithoutyou, stabbing westward, stars, strawberry milkshakes, stuartand alwaysfat free, swimming in earlynovember, taking back sunday, the blood brothers, the cramps, the cure, the damned, the expolited, the faint, the locust, the postal service, theorderof kisses, therocketsummer and vpoweredgas, thunderstorms & sex, trainspotting, underground, unused paper journals, windsor poolsand dairy cream, wishful thinking, words in the margins, zepplin